“Thank you for the thorough inspection and report you provided me last week. Yesterday I met with my builder’s customer service representatives and they’ve agreed to repair everything you listed on the inspection report. There were items on the report that I didn’t think the builder would correct, but now they are. I referred you to my neighbor _____ so expect a call from him.” L.B.

“You asked me to email and describe to you what happened today during your inspection so here goes: You arrived at precisely 8:00 am to inspect my home and I walked around with you asking questions about my home and what items are considered construction defects. At approximately 9:15 am another inspector arrived to inspect the exact same model home across the street.  The first thing  I noticed was that the other inspector walked on my neighbor’s  tile roof and we’ve been told by our builder that if we or anyone else walks on the roof it will void the warranty.  I observed that you spent more than an hour inspecting the exterior components of my home and he went in the house after about 20 minutes.  After he went in the house I didn’t see him again until he left at 11:25 am. You finished your report at 12:15 pm.


I chatted with my neighbor about a half hour ago. He didn’t think his inspector did a very good job. He said he had heard about you from another neighbor and thought about canceling the appointment he already had with the other inspection company. Now he wishes he had.” T.H.

“I showed my wife your report package after she returned from work. She’s a dentist and owns her own practice. She was thoroughly impressed and wanted me to mention it to you. Although I, too, was impressed by the package, I was more impressed by the contents and the thoroughness of your inspection.” H.L.

“I’ve been a licensed plumber most of my life and when my wife suggested that we hire a home inspector before our 1 year warranty expired I suggested that ‘I could do it myself.’ After some debate I agreed to hire one. I picked you because you are a former general contractor. Boy, am I glad I did! I would not have missed any of the plumbing issues you pointed out, but there were items in the attic that I would not have thought of.  I did not know that roof tiles with chips larger than a quarter had to be replaced and my wife never noticed that two of her kitchen cabinet doors were bowed. Thanks again!” C.L.

“As you know I am a realtor and have been one for 16 years. I just sold my 4 year old house and the buyer hired you to do a home inspection. I was surprised that you came up with a 2 page summary list of action items, because I had had my home inspected and then rechecked at the 1 year warranty period. You even pointed out about 35 roof tiles that had to be replaced even though my home inspector told me that all the damaged tiles were replaced. Thank you for indicating that my builder would probably replace them because they did and neither myself nor the buyer had to pay for them out of pocket.” P.T.

“When you inspected my former house in Maricopa for the buyer and came up with your list of repair items I had some rather unkind words to say about you to my wife and our realtor. When we were about to purchase a house in Awahtukee I knew exactly who I was hiring to do my home inspection.” M.B.

This was in reference to a roof  on a new house in Casa Grande that we did 5 rechecks on until the builder got it right:  “Thank you for being persistent with my builder. I told the builder that I would not close until the roof was right.”  S.W.