Home Inspection Warranty

All home inspectors conducting inspections for Inspector Homes, LLC have certified that
all inspections they have conducted or will conduct of the building are in accordance with
the Standards of professional Practice of the State of Arizona, Board of Technical
Registration (SOPP).

Based on this certification, Inspector Homes, LLC hereby agrees that it will pay the
reasonable costs of repairing or replacing, or repair or replace themselves, any defective
item(s) or defective condition(s) the Home Inspector has failed to observe and/or report
accurately in his/her inspection report up to a total payment not to exceed in the aggregate,
for all claims, the sum of no more than the fee charged for the inspection, provided the
defective item was required to be inspected pursuant to the Standards of Professional
Practice of the State of Arizona, Board of Technical Registration.

Limitations: Defective items and/or conditions must be reported to Inspector Homes, LLC
or one of its inspectors within 90 days of the completion of the inspection in order for any
claim to be valid. Inspector Homes, LLC does not warranty claims on a house occupied by a
party, other than our customer, unless the defect can be proven to have existed at the time
of the inspection. Defective items or conditions that are obscured by furniture, building
materials or any other objects at the time of inspection, latent defects, damages or failures
after the inspection, and items beyond the scope of a home inspector, are not covered
under this warranty.

In the event of a dispute, claim, or controversy, the dispute will be settled by an Arbitrator
from the American Arbitration Association. The decision of the Arbitrator appointed there
under shall be final and binding and a judgment of the award may be entered into any court
of competent jurisdiction. The cost of the arbitration filing will be the responsibility of the
filing party.

Inspector Homes, LLC must be given the opportunity to view the item(s) in question prior
to repair work being done. Please contact Inspector Homes, LLC first, and prior to repair
work being done or this warranty may be voided.

Adam Pitman, Arizona Certified Home Inspector

Adam Pitman
Arizona Certified Home Inspector
AZ Certification #51753

Arizona Certified Home Inspector 
Member of InterNACHI: InterNational Association of Certified Home Inspectors 
ICC certified combination inspector