Arizona Certified Home Inspection Services

Serving: Pinal, Pima, and Maricopa Counties.

Our thorough inspections include:

  • Structural Components
  • Exterior
  • Roofing
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Heating and Cooling
  • Interiors
  • Insulation and Ventilation
  • Pool & Spa
Certified Warranty Inspection Services

All new homes are covered by warranty from the builder for the first year. You may ask yourself the question: DO I NEED A WARRANTY INSPECTION?

The answer is YES unless you are a certified home inspector or construction contractor familiar with: Workmanship Standards for Licensed Contractors published by the AZ Registrar of Contractors and endorsed by the Governor’s Office. Many property owners are handy with tools and home repairs but they don't know what minimum standards are necessary for licensed contractors in Arizona. That's where we come in. Not only will we catch all those items that your builder is supposed to repair, but we will guarantee it up to the inspection fee in repair costs, provided the defective item was required to be inspected pursuant to the Standards of Professional Practice of the State of Arizona, Board of Technical Registration.

Our warranty inspection services go far beyond the average home inspection. As a, one time, FREE service we will re-inspect construction repair items from our report after the builder has completed the repairs to make sure they were all done properly and completely. If not, we will email you the unfinished item/s with photo/s for further builder correction and we will return as many times as necessary, at no charge to you, the customer, until the repairs are complete. Many builders will exceed minimum standards as per Workmanship Standards.........

Some builders are more concerned with their J.D. Power and Associates customer service rating than they are with the Registrar of Contractors. Inspector Homes' inspections will include borderline issues and items that the builder is not required to fix so that your builder has an opportunity to exceed minimum standards and you have the opportunity to have the best product possible.

Our home inspections are very thorough. Generally our home inspections for an average house take a half day or 4 hours while other inspection companies do 3 or as many as 6 inspections in one day.

Certified Pre-Purchase Inspection Services

Pre-Purchase Home Inspection: For most folks purchasing a home is the biggest investment they make in their lifetimes. When you purchase a re-sale home you may also be purchasing a home that has hidden defects in it that are not visible without a thorough examination. How effective is the air-conditioner? Are there dry rot issues under the roof sheathing? Is the insulation bed in the attic sufficient?  These are only a few of hundreds of questions that you might have when purchasing an existing home.

Inspector Homes will help you feel secure about your decision by providing a thorough inspection of all the systems and components of the home and supplying you with both a summary report of “action items” and a complete photo-documented report with information on all facets of the home.


Who better to inspect older homes than an inspector familiar with construction materials and methods used 20, 30 or as many as 50 years ago?


Inspector Homes will perform a multi-phased inspection of the property and present you with a list of action items with full color photos. Our phases include a pre-drywall inspection and a pre-closing inspection. New construction inspections should be done by someone familiar with current code. City and county building inspectors are often overloaded with work and do not perform inspections at the same level as a certified home inspector.

Certified Pre-Sale Inspection Services

Getting ready to sell your home? Why not have a home inspection done before you put it on the market? Then instead of the home inspection being used to reduce your sales price you can use the home inspection with corrections done as a selling tool.


Our thorough inspections are performed in accordance with the 'Standards of Professional Practice' for the State of Arizona as adopted by the ARIZONA Chapter of the American Society of Home Inspectors and include the following:


STRUCTURAL COMPONENTS: Foundation, walls, ceilings; roof structure.


EXTERIOR: Wall cladding and trim; entry doors and windows; garage doors; decks; porches and walkways; driveways; eaves & soffits; fascia; vegetation and grading.


ROOFING: Coverings; drainage; flashings and penetrations; signs of leakage or condensation.


PLUMBING: Water supply system; drainage system; hot water system; fuel storage tanks and systems; sump pumps.


ELECTRICAL: Service entry and panels; branch circuits; visible wiring; fixtures; switches and receptacles.


HEATING AND COOLING: Operating controls; safety controls; chimneys; flues and vents; distribution systems.


INTERIORS: Walls, ceilings and floors; stairways, balconies and railings; counters and cabinets; separation walls; doors and windows.


INSULATION AND VENTILATION: Ventilation of attics and crawl spaces; kitchen, bathroom and laundry venting systems.


POOL AND SPA: Decking and interior surface; pool plumbing system and equipment and electrical system.